Who I am

A software engineer, a designer and a creative decision maker.

I am currently following a Masters in IT Product Design at the University of Southern Denmark and SPIRE  Research Center. Before this, I spent a year at Microsoft doing Program Management in the Dynamics NAV team and received a Bachelor in Computer Science from Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi. Throughout my university years, I've had a number of leadership roles in AIESEC, managed several semi-professional software projects and did an internship for the British Embassy in Bucharest.

My fields of play include design for interaction, managing the creative process, public speaking, movie making and almost anything software. My weapon of choice is the whiteboard.

Privately, I'm a cheerful and enthusiastic person, who enjoys movies, music and SciFi, and finds inspiration in the works of Scott Berkun, Isaac Asimov, Christopher Nolan and Thirty Seconds to Mars.