Why this blog

Mainly for two reasons:
1. to put my work in a place that's easily reachable for everybody
2. because I'm often asked "what's this whole design thing and what exactly do you do?"

That being said, I don't expect to generate more traffic than Twitter with this blog, nor do I intend to state my daily cogitations on it - so you can confidently put it in your RSS reader
knowing that I will not overflood it within a week. In this day and age, I am taking the qualitative approach. As for Blogger - it's just a handy platform.  

Most of the projects that you'll find here have been done as part of my current Masters in IT Product Design at SDU and SPIRE. Some are more detailed than others, but the main idea was to emphasize the process, the key takeaways and the skills I've acquired. For those interested, I can provide a resume on demand.