Monday, March 1, 2010

Hali Chair - the movie

Following my inner film director's voice, I decided that the best way to showcase the Hali Chair prototype would be to make a short film. My motivation was simple - although the prototype speaks very nicely for itself, there is no doubt that only the complete usage scenario can make it shine. But in true film making fashion, this is all easier said than done.

This 2 and a half minute long movie spent 3 days in my head (gestating) and then 15 long hours in the making. And that's not even a lot by industry standards! Since I'm no Christopher Nolan, scripting, shooting, directing and editing all in the same day proved draining. But I'll do it again any day of the week.

I love storyboarding! One of my guiltiest fantasies is to have to storyboard an entire music video on a 9 hour long flight, right before plunging into a crowded set full of people awaiting my instructions(*). On a more down to earth note, this is one of those little things that always reminds me of how much the software industry still has to learn from projects in other disciplines. 

Even in a primitive little tool like iMovie, editing is still a pleasure. I once heard a comparison between film editing and managing innovation (and creativity) - they both require a steady hand, talent and the ability to make decisions at every step of the way.

A good reminder of what everybody's brains looked like at the end of the day. 

Well, this is it!

if the dialogue seems too low, you can turn on the subtitles (captions) using the button on the bottom right. 
link to youtube video

(*)Optionally, I'd also like a film crew following me around, shooting a 'making of', two assistant directors waiting for me impatiently at the airport and the certainty that I'll have to spend my next week in the editing room no matter what. And yes, I am fully familiar with the saying "Be careful what you wish for."

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  1. Ha, ha :)) Nice work! I'm still waiting for v2.0 though. Which has to be black. And displays a holographic image of a fireplace. And makes coffee or distills whiskey. Or both :D